Bata Industrial Safety Shoes - Breeze S1, Black, Low-Cut, Size #9 (#43)

Bata Industrial S1 Safety Shoes have a composite toecap or steel toecap which can take an impact of 200 Joule and a compression of 15.000 newtons, just like the SB safety category. Unlike SB, safety shoes are shoes in the S1 category always antistatic and have absorption of the seat region. Wearing the safety shoes which fit your job perfectly is of the utmost importance for your own protection, that's why you should always get safety shoes in the correct safety category.
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Tropical shoes are comfortable safety shoes with outstanding modern and functional design. The outsole of Tropical safety shoes features the Bata Tunnelsystem®, Flexlines® for flexibility and is poured with double density PU-PU material. These shoes offer all the protection you need whilst remaining light and comfortable.

Tropical is an exclusive safety shoes outdoor line with modern and functional design, providing technologies and protection through light and comfortable shoes. 

Product Features:

  • Quality
  • Anti Slip
  • Flex  Lines
  • Lightweight
  • Steel Toecap
  • Steel Midsole
  • Extensive Size Range

 Product Specifications:

  • Industry : Construction, Manufacturing, Transport, & Logistics
  • Characteristics: Fuel Oil Resistant, Outsole, Penetration Resistant Outsole, Water Resistant
  • Sole : PU - Double Density (PU-PU)
  • Color : Black
  • Type : Low
  • Safety Category : S1P
  • Safety Norm : EN 20345
  • Safety Toecap : Steel – Impact Resistance 200J
  • Upper : Cow Split Leather
  • Fitting : W (1 Width)
  • Penetration Resistance Insert : Steel
  • Size : UK 9 (EU 43)

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