Dewalt H.D HSS Drill Bit 5mm, 10 PCs/Pack

Suitable for portable or stationary drilling of high alloy content steels and metals with a tensile strength; i.e. heat and acid proof steel, cast, iron, bronze, welded seams, stainless and chrome nickel steels.
Brand: Dewalt
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Model: DT50476-XJ
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Dewalt DT50476 H.D HSS Drill Bit is with high-performing technology including HSS-G DIN 338 Jobber Metal Drill Bits Series.

The High Speed Steel (HSS) bits are stronger and faster than standard bits. Its groundbreaking design combines 135 degree point angle tip for precision, diameter tolerance to h8 grade for excellent concentricity, and precision ground twist body for longer life and rapid drilling. Tapered web design greatly reduces breakage. Gold ferrous oxide coating prevents overheating, prolonging bit life.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Has a precision of 135º point angle - enables self centering & eliminates walking
  • Has a Longer life & rapid drilling precision; ground twist and better debris
  • Has diameter tolerance to h8 grade leading to accurate hole diameter
  • Hardened body of extra strength and reduced breakage.
  • The bit tip can be resharpened to restore profile and sharpness
  • Diameter : 5 mm
  • Length : 86 mm
  • Working Length : 52 mm
  • Pack Quantity : 10 Pieces

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