DREMEL Router Station

Router Station
Brand: Dremel
Model: 2 615 033 5JA
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Description of the Dremel microdrill Milling unit immersed. for Dremel (335)

Universal practical submersible milling unit (attachment) for milling operations by a wide range of models of engravers produced by the American Dremel campaign. When installing the power tool in this console, it seems to turn into a milling machine that is able to easily engrave the workpieces along the circumference, perform high-precision parallel engraving on the edge, as well as produce various types of decorative work on the edge of the product. All elements of this console are made of high-quality materials with high wear-resistant characteristics, which will allow this device to perform its functions for many years.


Design features and capabilities of the console

      All of the above types of work using a submersible milling unit are possible due to its special edge guides, as well as the guiding circles. There is also the possibility, produces works on inlay, in particular, engrave characters. For this purpose, the milling attachment is equipped with a set of special guide bushings. This installation can boast of the convenience of work and ease of operation, thanks to a competently designed design. Locking and unlocking, which is used in conjunction with the immersion milling unit of the power tool, is performed by simply rotating the corresponding handles. For a permanent robot at one depth or to create the same engraving on different blanks, two independent depth stops are designed,



      Guide edges, circular guides, guide bushings for inlay, locking handles, depth stop.

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