Personal Care for Men

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AC Hair Clipper/Ceramic Blade 1x20
BD 4.500
Non Rechargeable Nose Trimmer
BD 2.000
Rech.Trimmer/ 4 Level Cutting 1X24
BD 3.500
6 In 1 Rechargeable Trimmer 1X12
BD 9.950
Rechargeable Trimmer/5Attachment/3W 1X24
BD 5.200
Rechargeable Men's Shaver/3W 1X24
BD 3.700
Rech Trimmer/S/S Prec Cutting Blade 1x20
BD 3.400
Clip-on Comb attachment, Lube, Cleaning Brush, Charging Stand with Indicator and Manual
BD 7.700
Professional Hair Clipper, Clip-on Comb attachment, Lube, Cleaning Brush, Charging Stand and Manual.
BD 4.700
Professional Hair Clipper, Clip-on Comb attachment, Lube, Cleaning Brush, Charger and Manual.
BD 4.800
Cleaning brush, Clip on Comb, Charging base and Instructional Manual
BD 4.500
The Men's Travel Shaver is a really handy compact travel shaver for men. It has a high-speed motor and a wide floating head making it really easy to handle and guaranteeing total precision. The Men's Travel Shaver will be the ultimate loyal travelling companion.
BD 10.000
3 in 1 Body groomer, groom hair everywhere with the new Panasonic body trimmer tool designed for hard to reach areas.You can enjoy gentle styling and grooming with a protective blade that shaves to 0.1mm,and with wet/dry features you can even groom without mess!
BD 26.990
Fine length adjustment easy at home grooming.
BD 16.990
4-Blade Electric Shaver, Wet/Dry Washable
BD 79.990
Panasonic Men's Shaver - ES3831
BD 6.990
Long-life motored hair clipper for professionals
BD 34.990
3-Way shaving trimmer. Three functions in a single unit for shaving trimming and designing
BD 35.990
Beard trimmer Series 3000, 0.5 mm - 10 mm with 0.5 mm steps, coated blades, 2K zoom wheel, metallic lacquer, 1 beard comb, 1h charging / 60 min use, charging status indication, window box (150x245x60mm), storage pouch, French Pack, 2 years global guarantee
BD 19.990
Male Body Groom, Best Performance that feels great, Integrated trim & Shave head for a close shave in one stroke, safe & less irritation, 3D Pivoting head, Rounded blades & Combs Prevent Scratching skin, Skin Protection Shaver blade Made of Hypo-allergenic materials, 5 integrated length settings up to 11mm, Wet & Dry, Rechargeable, 2-years global guarantee.
BD 34.990
Fabric shaver allows you to easily and quickly remove fabric pills from all types of garments. All your garments, whether it is your sweater or your blanket, will look like new again! Includes 2AA batteries and cleaning brush, 2-years global guarantee.
BD 4.990
Philips Hairclipper series 7000, 41mm full metal guard, stainless steel baldes, corded and cordless with Li-Ion battery and auto turbo (1 hour charge for 120 minutes cordless use), Motorized Combs with up to 60 lenghts settings (0.5 mm and from 1 to 42mm) via Buttons , 0,2mm increments, Digital display, F-box, 2 years global guarantee
BD 42.990
Head, Face & Body (9 tools in 1) :LE Multigroom with 32mm full metal Beard Trimmer, Rotary Nose Trimmer & Beard/Stubble combs (1,2,3-7mm), (9,12,16mm) Hair combs, 3mm Body comb, 3 years global guarantee.
BD 18.990