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Dewalt apprentice safety shoes DWF 60011 is one of the top quality which provide higher performance protective in foot care and manufacture in proper certified methods. Its provide Chemical resistant sole, heel energy absorption, oil resistant sole, 300c heat resistant out sole.
BD 33.000 BD 29.000 12% Off
The Canasafe Crackerâ„¢ safety glasses with Gray A/F Lens offers a sleek and sporty style that's designed for safety and comfort. CrackerTM features lightweight construction and soft touch temples. The single wrap-around lens offers lateral and front protection whilst maintaining a snug fit with length and precise pantoscopic adjustment.
BD 4.000 BD 3.350 16% Off
The Canasafe Safety Glasses Cracker, Black/gray Frame, Clear Lens is stylish in terms of appearance and complements any outfit. These glasses feature lenses made from high impact polycarbonate that makes them resistant to fog and scratches.
BD 4.000 BD 3.350 16% Off
Suitable for fast drilling of plug, anchor or clearance holes in masonry, stone, concrete and brick/block work. Pack Qty: 10 Pieces
BD 4.850 BD 4.250 12% Off
Suitable for portable or stationary drilling of high alloy content steels and metals with a tensile strength; i.e. heat and acid proof steel, cast, iron, bronze, welded seams, stainless and chrome nickel steels.
BD 7.400 BD 6.950 6% Off
Power Compressor, 24 Litres. Model BD 205/24. Suitable for all home and hobby applications. Powerful machine with a 2 Hp lubricated pump. Simple, user friendly controls. Large wheels and convenient handle make transport easy.
BD 69.000 BD 58.000 16% Off
RR 3 Gang - 13 Amps - Extension sockets W/Neon 3 Mtr Cable are available in BS flat pin, and are universal and surge protected.
BD 3.750 BD 3.250 13% Off
The Climax 5-RS safety helmet has been designed and manufactured to ensure optimal impact protection from objects such as stones, roofing tiles, bricks and other items of similar weight as well as from electrical discharges up to 1000V ac or 1500V dc.
BD 1.650 BD 1.500 9% Off
The DW03050 165' Laser Distance Measurer automatically calculates area and volume quickly and easily. 2-Line backlit display helps improve screen visibility in both dim and bright conditions.
BD 63.000 BD 52.000 17% Off
The DeWalt DWD024K percussion drill is a powerful tool that combines high performance with ease of use. Low weight ensures the drill is easy to use and it reduces user fatigue. Compact design enables comfortable use and allows access to tight spaces. An excellent power to size ratio results in a powerful; durable drill in a compact size
BD 45.000 BD 38.500 14% Off
Dewalt 22mm SDS Plus Hammer (3 modes) with Std Chuck is Ideal for drilling anchor and fixing holes into concrete and masonry from 4 to 22 mm in diameter.
BD 74.000 BD 65.000 12% Off
Stanley Cushion Grip Screwdriver 6 Piece Set 0-65-007 includes cushion grip Parallel, Flared and Phillips screwdrivers, which have Smooth domed end ensures fast spinning action with speed and comfort. It has Screw Tip identification on the handle for easy choice of the correct screwdriver for each screw type.
BD 8.000 BD 6.250 22% Off