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Red Chilli Powder BMMR 200gm PET
BD 0.598
Has a slightly bittersweet flavour and an aroma similar to anise. It is commonly known as a flavouring for vinegar and is used in pickles, relishes, prepared mustards and sauces.
BD 5.775
Natco ParsleyParsley is probably the most popular and versatile herb available.
BD 0.662
Goodness Foods Black Pepper Crushed 100g
BD 0.840
Goodness Foods Sumac Powder 250g
BD 0.788
Goodness Foods Phool Patasha 50 gm
BD 0.578
Amchur powder is made from dried, unripe mangoes.
BD 6.300
MDH Anardana Powder is made from dried pomegranate seeds. Anardana powder is a ground variety of pomagranate seeds.
BD 1.050
MDH Deggi Mirch Powder 500g
BD 2.520
MDH Deggi Mirchi Powder 100g
BD 0.525
MDH Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder 100g
BD 0.525
PERIYAR - Roasted Coriander Powder
BD 0.578
Periyar Turmeric Powder
BD 0.578
A combination of red crushed chillies and coarse sea salt, will add a intense and fiery chilli bite to your meal.
BD 1.024
A blend of red crushed chillies, garlic and coarse sea salt; this grinder will season your meal with a fiery chilli bite and lend it a pungent garlic note.
BD 1.024
A fiery blend of various chillies, bell peppers and peppercorns, this grinder will spice up your meal with typical peri-peri flavours.
BD 1.102
Ginger pieces packed in a stylish, convenient grinder bottle.
BD 1.102
Cinnamon is a wonderfully versatile spice which adds flavour to vegetables such as butternut as well as apple, oats and baked products.
BD 0.735
Nutmeg pieces packed in a stylish, convenient grinder bottle.
BD 2.389
A blend of salt and country herbs, this versatile grinder blend has a lovely fresh aroma.
BD 1.150
A pleasant blend of salt, spices and herbs for all purpose flavouring of your everyday meal.
BD 1.150
Traditional Italian herb flavors, including oregano and garlic.
BD 0.735
So delicious! The grinder looks like a pepper mill, but is filled with white and brown sugar, and cinnamon.
BD 1.102
Great rice deserves something special Our authentic Wholegrain Pilau rice, with cumin and fennel seeds (and a bit of UNCLE BEN'S know-how). Simply no need for artificial flavours, preservatives or colours.
BD 1.260